Saturday, 27th May, 8 PM

performance one to one by Li Lorian

Posta is a project that examines the relationship between the artist and her audience. It is an intimate junction, a gesture through which the artist gifts her public a piece of handicraft. A kitchen turns into a small factory for postcards in a live-performance studio work: My Studio Was a Bomb Shelter, Now It’s a Castle, Tonight in Your House.

Come and take part in the work in progress, have a chat with me and leave your address.

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a dog day afternoon

performance by Jean-Lorin Sterian

Sunday, 28th May, 5 PM

„The theatre is the place where ignorant people are invited to see suffering people.” Plato

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and it grew dark, #2

a performance in two sequences by Oana Paula Vainer

Friday, 25th May, 7.30 PM

Starting from a slides archive made available to me, a world is drawn, verbally and physically,
which has fallen into oblivion through the territorial change. The reactivation of the experiences
leads to a new entry in the collective memory.
The darkroom is in itself a technical space of discovery and at the same time to be regarded as
analogy and aid. Based on the image, which slowly unfolds itself in the developmental
substance, the presumable experience, known or unknown is recalled by the experience of the
Experiences try to articulate or recapitulate narrations and symbols that were then appropriated
and in the meantime forgotten.
The fragmentation of the experience have to be coordinated with the sense of time.

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lecture by Jasmina Al-Qaisi

thursday 25th, 9 PM

a contemporary condition in arts and other labours

Omnidisplacement is a fabricated denomination pointing to the perpetual mobility practice that the visual ethnographer Jasmina Al-Qaisi is independently investigating, currently within the context of artistic practice. The general assumption of her research is that aftermaths of the nomadic condition of contemporary art practitioners reverberate not only in the artistic production processes but in their private lives.

She is exploring the mechanisms of coping with the detachment, with denotations of distance, usage of mediums and general consequences of the mobility of artists between framings of different cultural institutions. Her very often intimate and incisive findings come from different unrehearsed ethnographic methods hinting towards both linguistics and imagery. The findings will be presented in a colloquial arrangement, shaped in an intimacy exercise followed by a thought-provoking chit-chat meant to challenge common assumptions on the theme.

This research is the sequel of the MA Thesis in Visual Studies, SNSPA in Bucharest, which examined the image exchange of couples in long distance relationships. Currently, Jasmina lives and writes from Berlin and works in the archive of the art and project space Savvy Contemporary.

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guilty pleasure

Saturday, 24th, 8 PM

photo exhibition by odeta catana

The exhibition “Guilty Pleasures” presents a series of fifteen photographs devoted to the theme of pleasure. The show takes the viewer through various instances of a particular type of pleasure which is sometimes paradoxical, accompanied not only by joy but sometimes also by guilt or fear. Photographed in the personal environment of their homes, the subjects participating in the project reveal themselves to the camera sometimes quietly and hesitantly, other times theatrical. These pleasures are usually hidden at all costs from the eyes of others and the viewer somehow is expected to feel privileged by such revelation. The photographer Odeta Catana approaches each undertaking with minute attention to habits, rituals or objects constituting props of her portraits’ guilty pleasures. She manages to surprise these pleasures naturally without creating the feeling that she intrudes the privacy of her subjects or that all was too much staged.

The “Guilty Pleasures” project was documented during an artistic residency of six months for the British magazine Square Magazine. Pieces of this photography project and various interviews were subsequently published by numerous newspapers and magazines in Germany (Süddeutsche Zeitung, Stern, Huffington post Deutschland), the UK, Italy (Repubblica, Il post) and the US (Cosmopolitan).

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lorgennale # 1 – stuttgart

The first performance festival to be set exclusively in private flats in Stuttgart

24th -28th May 2017

Ten private flats in Stuttgart will be transformed into stages over the course of five days: The performance festival lorgennale translates theatrical and artistic experiments into private space and links neighbours to artists, international performers and the local culture.

The program consists of performances, readings, music, dance and theatre. It is curated by the Jean-Lorin Sterian and Paula Kohlman.  The event is part of the current key topic »Biographies and the production of space« and the 15 year anniversary of  the art, science & business programme at the Akademie Schloss Solitude.

Due to limited spaces available, we kindly ask for your registration until the 20th May.

Instead of tickets we ask the visitors to bring a personal object, which connects them directly to Stuttgart. These objects and the stories behind them will be collected and may be exhibited later on.


wednesday 24th May, 7 PM

At the Cité Internationale des Arts they barely missed each other, but at the Academy Schloss Solitude they started to share not only physical but also mental space. Hamburg’s Avantgarde Queen Frauke Aulbert draws acoustic spaces with her voice, Simone Rueß reflects via drawing movements in space. In their common experiment Rapprochement they devote themselves simultanously to the gap between each other, which appears as an invisible layer in the living room of the architects. It functions as a deviding line as well as a reflecting surface of voice and image. The spatio-temporal approach of an acoustic and visual structure plays with the moment that dissolves immediately and invites the audience to a local-temporary, impermanent consumption. ( |

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Performance: 50 min

Frauke Aulbert – voice

Performance: 50 min

Frauke Aulbert – voice

Simone Rueß – drawing


lorgennale stuttgart program

We would like to join you in your houses with performances, concerts, lectures and exhibitions. We also bring some good cheer. Will you welcome us?

Wednesday, 24th May

7 PM Rapprochement, performance (voice/ drawing) by Frauke Aulbert (Berlin) and Simone Rueß (Stuttgart) 45 min registration here

9 PM Diaspora Poetry, poetry Slam by Deidra Freemann, Aneisha Jones, Barbara Gilchrist Feyl (Stuttgart) – in cooperation with Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland Bund e.V., 45 min registration here

Thursday, 25th May

7 PM Sitting at a Piano, performance by Hanna Plaß and Daura Hernández García (Stuttgart), 15 min; PLUS Will that be all sir?, Soundperformance by Caro Mendelski, Johannes Lange and Jakob Lorenz, (Stuttgart) 20 min registration here

9 PM Omnidisplacement, lecture by Jasmina Al-Qaisi (Bucharest/Berlin), 45 min registration here

Friday, 26th May

7 PM Nodo, theater performance von Julian Knoth (Stuttgart), 30 min; PLUS Und es wurde dunkel, #2, performance von Oana Paula Weiner (Stuttgart), 20 min registration here

9 PM Hypereal Sportsbar Reading, performative lecture by Judith Engel, Christiane Heidrich, Sabrina Schray (Stuttgart), 45 min; PLUS Terry Jo Wanted, screening by Katharina Jabs (Stuttgart), 20 min registration here

Saturday, 27th May

12-18 My Pleasure, performance one to one by Tyska Samborska (Venice/Krakow) registration here

8 PM  Posta, performance one to one by Li Lorian (Jerusalem) and Shakshuka Star, performative dinner by Julian Knoth and Caroline Flegel (Stuttgart),  Guilty Pleasure, photo exbition by Odeta Catana (Bukarest/Berlin), 60-90 min  registration here

Sunday, 28th May

5 PM A Dog Day Afternoon, performance by Jean-Lorin Sterian (Bucharest), 60 min registration here

7 PM Nothing but (flowers), performance von Sabrina Karl (Stuttgart), 45 min registration here

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