lorgennale is envisioned as a shifting art festival hosted by various domestic spaces across European cities. If the city hall authorities take care of the façades of buildings, lorgennale proposes an interior rehabilitation through art events. lorgennale brings artistic experiments to domestic spaces by transforming living rooms and bedrooms into a stage, offering a good opportunity to meet the neighbors  elsewhere than in bars or supermarkets.

lorgennale is a concept by Jean-Lorin Sterian, with the support of Akademie Schloss Solitude.

the pilot edition of lorgennale took place in Zagreb, Croatia in 2016. the first complete edition will happen in Stuttgart, Germany between 24th -28th May 2017.


  1. all the events must take place in inhabited spaces. an open call for hosts will be issued in every city.
  2. instead of tickets, the audience will bring objects that they associate with the hosting city. An exhibition with the objects and their stories will be presented later in a gallery/art space/ museum. One of the members of lorgennale team will collect them at the beginning of every show and will record the story behind each one as told by the audience.
  3. the art works mustn’t be invasive to the space, they must adapt/merge to it.
  4. hosts are becoming co-organizators of the festival. lorgennale is encouraging boosting relationships between host, artist and audience.
  5. due to spatial limitations, the events will be designed to host no more than 20-25 spectators, who will find out the address of each event after enlisting on the specific address of lorgennale. They won’t be allowed to enter the flat if they haven’t brought their object. While a map of the lorgennale will be available online, it will not disclose the complete address of each venue in order to protect the privacy of the host and ensure that only enlisted guests will show up.
  6. at least half of the artists must be part of the local scene.
  7. lorgennale is written always with small letters.
  8. lorgennale is a self-organized & non-for-profit initiative. Therefore, we are very grateful for any kinds of support.
  9. for proposals about next editions of lorgennale please write at jeanlorin.sterian@gmail.com


goals: after at least 10 editions,  lorgennale will provide enough material for an anthropological inquiry about the representation of the various European cities traversed by the festival by studying the objects brought by its citizens.

all the rights of the use of the word lorgennale and the format of lorgennale belong to Jean-Lorin Sterian.




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