lecture by Jasmina Al-Qaisi

thursday 25th, 9 PM

a contemporary condition in arts and other labours

Omnidisplacement is a fabricated denomination pointing to the perpetual mobility practice that the visual ethnographer Jasmina Al-Qaisi is independently investigating, currently within the context of artistic practice. The general assumption of her research is that aftermaths of the nomadic condition of contemporary art practitioners reverberate not only in the artistic production processes but in their private lives.

She is exploring the mechanisms of coping with the detachment, with denotations of distance, usage of mediums and general consequences of the mobility of artists between framings of different cultural institutions. Her very often intimate and incisive findings come from different unrehearsed ethnographic methods hinting towards both linguistics and imagery. The findings will be presented in a colloquial arrangement, shaped in an intimacy exercise followed by a thought-provoking chit-chat meant to challenge common assumptions on the theme.

This research is the sequel of the MA Thesis in Visual Studies, SNSPA in Bucharest, which examined the image exchange of couples in long distance relationships. Currently, Jasmina lives and writes from Berlin and works in the archive of the art and project space Savvy Contemporary.

registration here

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