guilty pleasure

Saturday, 24th, 8 PM

photo exhibition by odeta catana

The exhibition “Guilty Pleasures” presents a series of fifteen photographs devoted to the theme of pleasure. The show takes the viewer through various instances of a particular type of pleasure which is sometimes paradoxical, accompanied not only by joy but sometimes also by guilt or fear. Photographed in the personal environment of their homes, the subjects participating in the project reveal themselves to the camera sometimes quietly and hesitantly, other times theatrical. These pleasures are usually hidden at all costs from the eyes of others and the viewer somehow is expected to feel privileged by such revelation. The photographer Odeta Catana approaches each undertaking with minute attention to habits, rituals or objects constituting props of her portraits’ guilty pleasures. She manages to surprise these pleasures naturally without creating the feeling that she intrudes the privacy of her subjects or that all was too much staged.

The “Guilty Pleasures” project was documented during an artistic residency of six months for the British magazine Square Magazine. Pieces of this photography project and various interviews were subsequently published by numerous newspapers and magazines in Germany (Süddeutsche Zeitung, Stern, Huffington post Deutschland), the UK, Italy (Repubblica, Il post) and the US (Cosmopolitan).

registration here

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