lorgennale stuttgart program

We would like to join you in your houses with performances, concerts, lectures and exhibitions. We also bring some good cheer. Will you welcome us?

Wednesday, 24th May

7 PM Rapprochement, performance (voice/ drawing) by Frauke Aulbert (Berlin) and Simone Rueß (Stuttgart) 45 min registration here

9 PM Diaspora Poetry, poetry Slam by Deidra Freemann, Aneisha Jones, Barbara Gilchrist Feyl (Stuttgart) – in cooperation with Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland Bund e.V., 45 min registration here

Thursday, 25th May

7 PM Sitting at a Piano, performance by Hanna Plaß and Daura Hernández García (Stuttgart), 15 min; PLUS Will that be all sir?, Soundperformance by Caro Mendelski, Johannes Lange and Jakob Lorenz, (Stuttgart) 20 min registration here

9 PM Omnidisplacement, lecture by Jasmina Al-Qaisi (Bucharest/Berlin), 45 min registration here

Friday, 26th May

7 PM Nodo, theater performance von Julian Knoth (Stuttgart), 30 min; PLUS Und es wurde dunkel, #2, performance von Oana Paula Weiner (Stuttgart), 20 min registration here

9 PM Hypereal Sportsbar Reading, performative lecture by Judith Engel, Christiane Heidrich, Sabrina Schray (Stuttgart), 45 min; PLUS Terry Jo Wanted, screening by Katharina Jabs (Stuttgart), 20 min registration here

Saturday, 27th May

12-18 My Pleasure, performance one to one by Tyska Samborska (Venice/Krakow) registration here

8 PM  Posta, performance one to one by Li Lorian (Jerusalem) and Shakshuka Star, performative dinner by Julian Knoth and Caroline Flegel (Stuttgart),  Guilty Pleasure, photo exbition by Odeta Catana (Bukarest/Berlin), 60-90 min  registration here

Sunday, 28th May

5 PM A Dog Day Afternoon, performance by Jean-Lorin Sterian (Bucharest), 60 min registration here

7 PM Nothing but (flowers), performance von Sabrina Karl (Stuttgart), 45 min registration here

In cooperation with logo Akademie

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